18th October 2020
11:00- 12:00
Here's how you can connect with our weekly worship gatherings.

* IN PERSON - due to the redevelopment of the Church Sanctuary, we're now meeting in person in the Church Hall, and abiding by all COVID-guidelines. If you'd like to 'Save a Seat' for each Sunday service, you can do this online in the Events Section of the St Andrew's Facebook page ( or call 07979 820 990 and leave a message on the answering machine (give your name, contact number, and the names of the people in your group who would like to attend). You can save a seat any time from 9am on Monday to 9pm on Thursday on the build up to the next Sunday.

* ONLINE VIA FACEBOOK: Visit our Facebook page: - then scroll down the page a little until you find the Live Streaming Video link. It will be available from 10:50am every Sunday morning in readiness for an 11am kick off to the worship gathering.

* LISTENING BY TELEPHONE: If you know of folks who aren't connected to the internet, we've set up a dial-in facility for each Sunday service, where people can listen on their phone. Simply dial: 0131 460 1196 (it's a normal land line number) and when prompted, use your phone keypad to add the following 'Meeting ID' number: 597 324 1577 followed by the hastag symbol (#). This phone line will be open from 10:50am every Sunday morning.

* THROUGHOUT THE WEEK: After the Worship Gathering every Sunday at 11am, we'll upload the recording of the service to the St Andrew's Facebook page ( and also to the St Andrew's YouTube channel (, so that you can listen to it again or share it with others. We'll not be able to include the songs themselves, but we will include links to the relevant music videos online, so that you can listen to the music that we've referenced in the services themselves.

* SHARE WITH OTHERS: Please share this info with others, particularly those not on Social Media. Everyone is really welcome to get connected with these weekly worship gatherings. We're looking forward to worshipping God together in the weeks that lie ahead, in person and online!
Sunday Worship
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