Sharing faith in our homes

As our children and young people spend the foreseeable future at home each day, there's a great opportunity to share faith with them in the cut and thrust of our day-to-day lives.  Here's some helpful resources for families to engage with together at home.**  If you have other resources you are using that aren't listed below, please get in touch with us so that we can add them to the list! 

Resources for Children


* Guardians of Ancora - simply search 'Guardians of Ancora' in any smart phone or tablet App store and download this game for free.  For more info:


* Bible App for Kids (You Version) - You can access this online interactive digital game on any smart phone or table by going into the App sotre and downloading.  For more info:

* Crossroads Kids Club - You can go to their website: or their YouTube page for Bible Stories, Songs, Memory Verses and Games:

* The Bible Project - for youth, students and adults, you can check out The Bible Project's YouTube page for walk through animations and explanations of key themes in the Bible, to help you support your child better:

* Superbook - Another interactive children's programme using videos and lesson plans that you can access online through their website, smart phone or tablet through their App and on their YouTube channel:

* For Bible Lessons:  Bible Education Services (Postal Bible School) have free resources you can access.

* BB at Home:   An opportunity to continue the fun of BB at home - lots of exciting activities with opportunities to learn, grow and discover in their own homes, as new material is uploaded here every week.  


* Prayer Space in your home:  To help children engage with prayer, why not consider setting up a prayer space activity?  You can access ideas and lesson plans on the Prayer Spaces in Schools website:


* Chat Mats - questions and facilitated discussion games for families to talk around the dinner table (these can be downloaded and printed via their website:

* Jesus Storybook Bible - a great family bible that can be ordered online and read together as families.

* New City Catechism for children, young people and adults - this can be downloaded via the App store.  For more information, visit:

Resources for Young People


For youth leaders, parents, SU leaders, mentors and those who lead and engage with young people, here are some suggested resources which can be used at home or via online video calling. We hope this may help you to continue to support those you lead in the coming weeks and months (web-links below).

* Video Bible Talks:

* SU Ireland NUA:  Download the ‘Voke’ app for more guidance!

* Out of the Question:

* Stuff You Can Use:

* Speak Life:

* Fervr:

* Walk with me:

**A big thanks to Scripture Union Northern Ireland for their help in guiding us on these resources for children and young people.