It is very easy to get swept along in the busy-ness, the party atmosphere and the commercial festivities of Christmas...and so in the midst of the season of Advent, why not pause, draw breath, and reflect again on the true meaning of Christmas...the arrival of our eternal God, in our own frail humanity...the coming of Jesus Himself...

To help us do this, here are some useful resources for you and your family to use during the Christmas season.  May you know the wonder, the joy and the power of the Incarnation this Christmas...

Devotional Readings:

Good News of Great Joy, by John Piper

This is a free resource, written by John Piper and available at To wet your appetite, here's an introduction to this daily devotional by John Piper:

'Advent is an annual season of patient waiting, hopeful expectation, soul-searching, and calendar-watching marked by many churches, Christian families, and individual followers of Jesus. There’s no biblical mandate to observe Advent. It’s an optional thing—a tradition that developed over the course of the church’s history as a time of preparation for Christmas Day. Many of us find observing Advent to be personally enjoyable and spiritually profitable...

Our prayer is that this little devotional might help you keep Jesus as the center and greatest treasure of your Advent season. The candles and candies have their place, but we want to make sure that in all the December rush and hubbub we adore Jesus above all. So, “O Come, Let Us Adore Him” is perhaps the theme song of these Advent readings. These meditations are all about adoring Christ, the Lord. In spots, you’ll hear strands of “O Come, O Come, Immanuel,” and in others, “Hark! The Heralds Angels Sing.” And, of course, we’ll have a cameo from the magi. But the figure at the center is Jesus—the baby born in Bethlehem, the God-man in swaddling clothes, laid in a manger, destined for Calvary, sent by his Father to die and rise again for his people.

These 25 brief devotional readings from John Piper begin on December 1 and carry us to Christmas Day. Our hope is that God would use these meditations to deepen and sweeten your adoration of Jesus and help you keep him at the center of your Christmas season.'

The Dawning of Indestructible Joy, by John Piper

This is a free resource, written by John Piper and available at  Here's an introduction to this daily devotional by John Piper:

'The Christmas season is one of the busiest times of the year. But it is also a season of reflection and preparation for that special day when we mark Immanuel's coming - the arrival of our eternal God in our own frail humanity.

This is the greatest of history's many wonders, something too stupendous to celebrate just on one day. Advent is a way of lengthening and intensifying the joy of Christmas.