Trick or Treat?  An entertaining short video explaining the Christian viewpoint in verse from 10ofthose.com



Here's a practical overview of the topic of Halloween, for adults: http://reachouttrust.org/occult/halloween/


Why not go and ask your local Christian bookseller what is available this year?  Here are some suggestions of titles to look out for:

Better than Halloween - bright alternatives for churches and children 
Aims to provide lots of advice and ideas around organising a meaningful alternative Halloween event for children aged 5-11. It includes a free CD-ROM, and is fully photocopiable. By Nick Harding. Published by Church House Publishing, 2006, £9.99. ISBN 0715141015. 

Fright the Good Fright 
Alternative ideas to traditional Halloween celebrations. Three party packs included, each introducing a different aspect of the Bible with games, masks and dressing up. By Steve English, published by Kevin Mayhew Ltd, 2004, £5.50 ISBN 1844172937. 

The facts on Halloween - What Christians need to know by John Ankerberg and John Weldon 
Outlines the origins of Halloween and discusses Christian responses. Also examines the issues surrounding ghosts and witches. Published by Harvest House Publishers, 2003, £3.99. ISBN 0736911200. Available from most Christian bookshops or online Christian retailers ISBN 1565078519.

Professor Bumblebrain's Absolutely Bonkers Halloween by Andy Robb 
Supplied as a pack containing 10 copies of Professor Bumblebrain's Absolutely Bonkers: Halloween. It's a short comic designed to engage 7-11 year-old with how Halloween started and what it is really about. Designed to give the message of light rather than darkness this is suitable to give to trick-or-treaters or church youth groups. Published by CWR publishing. £8.50. ISBN 9781853456558. Available from most Christian bookshops or online Christian retailers.


Halloween Bag of HOPE:  United Christian Broadcasters (UCB) provides an annual free resource that can be ordered online from the UCB website.  Each Bag of Hope contains a full colour Bible based booklet that can be used to hand out to 'trick or treat' callers.  For more information, visit:  www.ucb.co.uk/bagofhope