Naomi Keefe (Brazil)

Naomi lives in Olinda in Northeast Brazil.  Since the start of 2012, Naomi has been working alongside the Peixinhos congregation of the Presbyterian Church of Brazil (IPB) who are reaching out to the poor communities around them sharing the Good News of Jesus.

Naomi is training various groups within the congregation including Sunday School teachers, outreach volunteers, the Pastor and elders on strategies to reach out to the surrounding favelas. She has also been helping to develop protection policies / strategies for the congregation to use within their activities.

Naomi is also training the members to be effective witnesses for Jesus both individually and collectively within the poor neighbourhood of Peixinhos, encouraging and facilitating their involvement in community development and evangelism.

From 2005 to 2011, Naomi worked alongside Casa Caiada congregation of the IPB, and local churches within the neighbourhood of Aguazinha, seeking to help these poor and marginalised people by sharing the Good News of Jesus with them.

Before going to Brazil, Naomi was a Biology teacher at Hunterhouse College in Belfast.  She spent two years (2000-02) as a volunteer in mission in the Vale of the Lord Orphanage in Recife.  She also has a Masters’ degree in Theology (with specific emphasis on working with Children at Risk in Brazil) from Union Theological College (UTC) in Belfast.